ProLegalTech applies a focused, forward-thinking approach to all phases of litigation.  Our legal minded team is collectively driven to provide the best service to the attorneys, paralegals and IT staff we assist each day.  From the initial collection of data, to captivating a jury in closing argument, we are relentless in our pursuit of product and legal knowledge to assist lawyers in providing defensible E Discovery and winning civil trials.

We use technology with highly skilled project managers and technicians, which result in a lower-than-industry-standard error rate and faster-than-industry-standard turnaround.

We have a track record of delivering smooth, clear presentation of cases in the courtroom under the most strenuous conditions. Even last minute slides and documents present as though prepared well in advance. With over 250 trials under our belt, we provide expertise and insight that has been proven.

Our eDiscovery team is responsible for collecting and producing all size projects, from a few gigabytes to terabytes. Our recent system upgrades allow for amazingly fast processing of your data.

Manage your case data in a defensible manner with ProLegalTech!